Puppet (Labs) is dead, long live Puppet!

We’re excited to share the plans announced today for the next decade of innovation from Puppet. You’ve been calling it Puppet for years and today has been made official -- the name changed from Puppet Labs to simply Puppet. The new name, and a new brand identity to go with it, reflect the mission: helping every organization get on the shortest path to better software. Visit puppet.com to see what’s new.

As Luke Kanies says, Puppet is driven by a belief that software can make people more powerful. To make that a reality, we've introduced new technology and integrations to help you automate the delivery and operation of the software:

  • Puppet Enterprise 2016.1.1 - The all new Puppet Enterprise gives you direct control and real-time visibility as you orchestrate change across infrastructure and applications.

  • Project Blueshift – Our new company initiative represents Puppet's engagement with our community – as well as with leading-edge technologies like Docker, Kubernetes and Mesos, and their communities – to make it possible to use Puppet to provide and manage next generation software in a simple, reliable, and consistent way. Learn more

  • Atlassian HipChat integration – Now it’s possible for DevOps teams to direct change with the Puppet Orchestrator, see change as it occurs, then discuss and collaborate on changes in process — all right in HipChat. Get connected

  • Splunk integration – The new Splunk App for Puppet Enterprise gives customers the ability to analyze their Puppet infrastructure and share information between teams to facilitate greater collaboration and continuously deliver software, quickly and reliably. Read more on our blog

  • President and COO – Sanjay Mirchandani will be our first President and COO. Currently the corporate senior vice president of VMware, Sanjay will be responsible for our go-to-market execution, including marketing, pre-sales engineering, sales, customer support, and services. Gearing up for another decade of industry leadership