Zabbix Certified Professional Training

Zabbix Certified Professional Training

Thursday, 3 October, 2019 (All day) to Friday, 4 October, 2019 (All day)
1 450 € (+21% VAT)
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Open-Future Offices
Leuvensesteenweg 643
1930 Nossegem

The Zabbix Certified Professional course provides information technology
professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to configure and use
Zabbix proxy and distributed monitoring for your network and application
monitoring needs, as well as discusses advanced Zabbix topics.

Products covered
Zabbix 4.0

In small groups (up-to 8 persons).

2 days.

Course requirements

  • Zabbix Certified Specialist Certificate or Attendance Certificate

Course program

Day 1

  • Data collection: Database monitoring
  • Automation: LLD discovery of host resources, Windows services, discovery using SNMP and SQL
  • Data collection: VMWare monitoring
  • Data collection: Java monitoring
  • Configuration: Trend prediction, percentile
  • Configuration: Bulk metrics and dependent items
  • Configuration: Item value preprocessing
  • Q/A session

Day 2

  • Installation: Distributed monitoring, Active - Passive proxy
  • Installation: Encryption in Zabbix
  • Automation: Network discovery
  • Automation: Auto registration
  • Configuration: Zabbix Server/Agent parameters
  • Administration: Scaling and performance tuning, how to monitor millions of metrics and triggers
  • Administration: Maintenance and operations, best practices, DB sizing, upgrades
  • Administration: Problems, challenges and solutions, Integration with 3rd party systems, performance, maintenance issues
  • Certification (Exam)
  • Q/A session

Course Materials: Courseware will be provided.

Certification: Certificate of Completion of the course Zabbix Certified Professional

The course can be re-scheduled, depending on the amount of registrations.