Zabbix Certified Specialist Training

Zabbix Certified Specialist Training

Monday, 24 June, 2019 (All day) to Wednesday, 26 June, 2019 (All day)
1 695 € (+21% VAT)
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Open-Future Offices
Leuvensesteenweg 643
1930 Nossegem

This 3 day training ensures easy understanding of Zabbix concepts and
structure for the information technology professionals, who need to run
Zabbix efficiently and provide support to other Zabbix users.

Products covered
Zabbix 4.0

In small groups (up-to 8 persons).

3 days.

Course requirements

  • Advanced computer literacy
  • Basic Knowledge of operating systems (Linux, Windows, ... )

Course program

Day 1

  • Installation: Zabbix architecture
  • Installation: Server, WEB interface and agent installation
  • Installation: Initial Zabbix configuration
  • Configuration: Host and host groups
  • Configuration: Item configuration
  • Data collection: Zabbix agent checks
  • Data collection: SSH/Telnet checks
  • Configuration: Triggers, trigger dependencies, less sensitive triggers
  • Configuration: User macros functionality
  • Configuration: Event tags
  • Q/A session

Day 2

  • Configuration: Detecting anomalies, elimination of flapping
  • Configuration: Using templates
  • Data collection: Agent-less monitoring
  • Data collection: aggregate checks
  • Data collection: calculated checks
  • Data collection: SNMP monitoring
  • Data collection: Log file monitoring
  • Data collection: WEB monitoring
  • Data collection: Agent user parameters
  • Command line utils: Zabbix get, zabbix sender
  • Data collection: Inventory auto-collection
  • Q/A

Day 3

  • Data visualisation: Custom graphs
  • Data visualisation: Maps
  • Notifications: Media types, actions, operations, use of macros, proactive monitoring
  • Notifications: Host and host group level maintenance
  • Automation: LLD overview
  • Business level monitoring: Services, SLA, Reports
  • Administration: XML Import/Export
  • Administration: Managing users and user groups permissions, audit
  • Administration: Working time, housekeeper, authentication, front-end scripts
  • Administration: Backup procedures
  • Development and release policy
  • Certification (Exam)
  • Q/A

Course Materials: Courseware will be provided.

Certification: Zabbix Certified Specialist Certificate

The course can be re-sheduled, depending on the amount of registrations.