Zabbix 3.0 Released: What's New

Here it is! The expected and desired Zabbix 3.0 is here with the fount of new features. Let’s skim them over and put them in practice.

Redesigned WEB interface

The frontend in 3.0 comes with a more modern design, being now more convenient and easier to use. The UI is now cleaner with some usability improvements, for example, Users section has been split into User groups and Users. Plus, all the minor adjustments, like the change in font face and size, lead to a more lightweight and user-friendly frontend.

What’s New in Puppet Enterprise 2015.3

Deliver Great Software Applications Faster
Puppet Enterprise 2015.3 delivers Puppet Application Orchestration, a new Puppet App, that dramatically reduces the complexity of deploying and managing business-critical infrastructure and applications. In addition, this release adds automated provisioning for Microsoft Azure, Puppet Code Manager enhancements, and token authentication to enable speed, reliability and traceability.

Try Puppet Enterprise and fully realize the benefits of IT Automation.