Move Up To Enterprise with Bacula Systems' new Selective Migration Plan

There are now millions of Bacula users worldwide who enjoy its reliability, scalability and robustness. If you are a user of any open source backup solution and are looking for increased functionality and support, then for you, Bacula Systems proudly announces its new Selective Migration Plan.

Bacula Systems' new Selective Migration Plan offers special benefits to the entire open source backup community, as well as a convenient supported way to migrate to Bacula Enterprise Edition and get:

PuppetConf 2015

This year there is again a new PuppetConf. The PuppetConf will take place from the 5th till the 9th of October. When you have the time to attend we really advise to do so.

Meet Puppet:

Puppet is thrilled to host you in Portland, OR, where Puppet is headquartered. PuppetConf will be an unparalleled opportunity to hang out with the amazing team behind the products you use every day.
Besides ensuring you have the best PuppetConf experience ever, we can’t wait to show you our hometown.

Conference Overview:

Zarafa Tour 2015

The Zarafa Tour is a collection of local events with technology at its heart. We believe in an ecosystem where engineers, developers, administrators and tech savvy people meet-up to learn, contribute and share knowledge.

You can expect a mix of technology, interesting people, technical talks on different levels, various network opportunities and a bit of ‘not-to-forget’ fun. We think it will be a day well spent out-of-the-office! But please, come decide for yourself!